Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Navy and Apple Green

Happy Wednesday!

Tonight's palette will dazzle you! Navy blue and apple green! It's not your every day palette but it provides a wicked splash of color! I love it because it is very unexpected! So unexpected in fact, that it was difficult for me to find many picture to demonstrate its loveliness! So without further ado- here are the pictures I did find!

 Showing off the palette with some paper crane escort cards!
 Why not use actual apples? 
 Navy dresses, green flowers! POP!

 That tie is so charming
Classic invites
Love the blooms on this invitation!

I always love being able to insert chevrons into everything! They look so fresh!

The green on this cake has the best shade to it

This color palette doesn't have to be all modern. It looks gorgeous in a more traditional presentation as well.

The striped ribbon around these flowers is very "in" right now! 

That was a quick hit of navy blue and apple green! I hope you enjoyed! 


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  1. Love the colors! I like that the combination is classic enough to prevent the "what was I thinking?!" crisis 15 years from now, but definitely very modern.