Friday, March 30, 2012

Nom Noms

Today's topic is something that everyone loves! CAKE! Yes, alternative desserts such as pie, cupcakes, cake pops, and candy bars are very popular right now. However, there is something so classic and fun about cakes! There are so many different styles and flavors available to tailor it to your tastes! Since the cake cutting is such a quintessential aspect of a wedding, I figure why not put the money into the cake and really make it a show stopper?

I think that dessert tables are fantastically beautiful (as you should be able to tell since I include one in about every Wedding Palette Wednesday that I do!) but for us, we're sticking with just the cake. Here are some lovely and whimsical cakes that make my heart go pitter patter!

Love the simplicity here. If I were to have this cake, it would be white since pink isn't a prominent color in my palette but those sugar flowers are amazing!

I love how rough this one looks. 

This cake is pretty simple as well, but the big sugar flower makes it pop! I also love how they displayed it with a bed of flowers underneath! Gives it some ummph! 

I'm such a sucker for pink and gold! This cake seems easy to do (read: less expensive) but is still very pretty and feminine. 

Sigh... I love love love love this cake! It's a Maggie Austin creation and she is a genius! I love all of her cakes! This one is definitely my favorite though. I love how the cake has so much texture and the bows really set it off. They look like little belts on a pretty wedding gown! 

These gold cakes are divine. I may go in the gold cake direction because they are so beautiful and different! I love how delicate the cake on the right looks. 

And now it's time for the show stoppers. I will specifically be searching for a baker who can accomplish the following looks...

All white and so fun! This large scale flower is both sassy and bold! And... for my favorite cake of all time (drum roll please...)

TA DA!!! Isn't she a beaut? For me, it doesn't get any better than this.

I'm not sure if we'll get a cake topper. I suppose it will depend on what type of cake design we decide on. BUT if we are to get a topper, these two are fun choices! My favorite is the one on the right. Mostly because it incorporates our colors and some glitz! 

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Which cake is your favorite? Or, would you go in a completely different direction? 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Blue and White

I've returned from the holy land!! Inspired by the Israeli flag colors, I have decided to do royal blue and white as this week's wedding palette! You can find your color palette inspiration from personal experiences and it will not only look great, but have special meaning to you! So, if you met in college, you can draw your  vision from your school colors! Or, if you're both passionate about a particular sports team, incorporating the team colors is a great way to bring personality into your day!

Let's start with some fashion inspiration!

Your man will be so happy if you choose royal blue and white as your colors. What guy doesn't like wearing blue? I love the royal blue tie with the grey suit. A statement necklace like the one here is a great POW in your wedding look to represent your colors! 


Look at these beautiful dresses! The great thing about choosing royal blue as your palette right now, is that it is a hot color out there! You can find your bridesmaid dresses in any regular shop because it has popped up everywhere! By finding your bridesmaid dresses in stores that aren't traditionally "bridesmaid dress" stores your maids can save a bundle!

There aren't a lot of naturally occurring royal blue flowers, so I think that these paper flowers are an adorable alternative! Very cost effective as well! 

But, if your heart is set on real blooms, this is a pretty option. I love the incorporation of the books in these centerpieces. It gives it a unique touch!

Ah, the paper suite! I'm loving both of these choices! The peacock feathers are a fun, flirty choice where as the lace is a classic, romantic alternative! 

I love how the blue and white make such a visual impact in this room! 

Don't forget to bring blue into your special touches! This sweets table is super cute and the escort card set up looks very easy to DIY and is a great way to incorporate your colors.

Sigh. Maggie Austin is a wedding cake rock star. Seriously, every cake she makes is phenomenal! Don't take my word for it! Check out her portfolio at link #12 below! 

12345678910 & 1112

I hope you enjoyed my Israeli addition of Wedding Palette Wednesdays!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bride with a Twist Heads to Israel!

Hi everyone!

Bride with a Twist will be taking a short break from posting! I'm headed off to Israel for 10 days! But don't worry, I'll be doing plenty of Jewish-ish wedding research while I'm gone! Here are some pictures taken by others who have went on this trip before me! I found all pictures on the trip facebook page,

Can't wait to show you my own pictures when I get back!



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Chevron

Why hello! This Wednesday we're going to forgo the usual color palette inspirations and go with a pattern inspiration! If you choose a pattern to design your wedding around rather than colors, you can incorporate multiple colors. But, don't use too many or it will start looking like crazy town! If you know me at all, you know I am borderline obsessed with chevrons! There are many chevron weddings popping up and they are all stunning! The great thing about choosing a pattern as your inspiration is that little touches of a bold pattern like chevron will go a long way and will really make your wedding stand out and be memorable! Alright, here's some of my favorite chevron wedding accents! But keep in mind, I am suggesting you choose a couple of these places to add chevrons, not to include them all! You can overdue it after all! The key is to make small but impactful choices.

A good way to add a bold pattern like chevrons to your wedding is by unexpected accents! These backdrops add great interest to their displays!

Love these chevron paper products! If you're going to have a chevron wedding, it is essential to give your guests a peak of your theme starting with your invitations! The table numbers are an easy way to bring chevrons into your table decor as well! And these ones are turned on their sides!

Why not bring the pattern all the way through your wedding including the fashion? It would take a bold bride to choose those bridesmaid dresses, but the wedding gown is so lovely and understated even a timid bride could choose it!

Cakes are another risk free way to add some chevron into your day! I love the squiggly chevron cake on top of a chevron tablecloth! And the right cake with the little bows is divine!  

  Adding chevrons to your nails is a super cute touch, and using nude polish makes it an elegant statement. This ribbon is cool, I'm thinking you could use it to tie around the bouquets.

My favorite way to incorporate chevrons is through the table runners! It gives the table such a fun, modern vibe.

Bridal party gifts! Not only will they add to the look of your day, but they will bring awesomeness to your bridal party afterwards too!

 These are sweet accents to use! Love the chevron succulent take away gifts! They double as decor too!

This ring bearer pillow is so cute! And I LOVE the idea of using chevron ties! Hmmm, maybe I can talk J into having his guys wear chevrons! 

And finally, more chic table runners! 

What do you think about using a pattern as inspiration for your day instead of colors?