Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesdays! Coral & Lilac

I got inspired to do another Wedding Palette Wednesday by a chance encounter. I am very into coral these days, and have my nails painted as such. I happened to pick up a lilac colored napkin and the juxtaposition of the two colors was very appealing. I think they are two very lovely colors to decorate a wedding in!

Let's start with the fashion and flowers. The great thing about these two colors is that they're both so beautiful and feminine you could either have your maids in coral holding lilac flowers, or in lilac holding coral flowers.

Coral Dresses with Lilac Flowers:


I am obsesssssed with the first two dresses! I love the fashion forward, structural quality of dress #1. Whatever lady was wearing this dress would instantly feel like a bombshell. Dress #2 is so feminine and beautiful. I love lace and a gold belt never hurt anything! Also, these two colors look great when paired together. Maybe your maid of honor could rock the two toned look to stand out. The bouquets will look great up against these dresses. Either go with a mixed bouquet in the lilac palette, or go for a big bunch of lilacs to make an impact.

Lilac Dresses with Coral Flowers:



I love using celebrities for two things: inspiration and gossip! The dress on Mila Kunis is one of my all time favorite dresses. It might not be quite practical for girls in the real world, but it is gorgeous inspiration! Kate Middleton's dress is much more conservative but still very lovely. The nice part about her dress is that a normal girl without a stick thin figure would look great in it as well. Now, onto the still beautiful, but not couture dresses. Dress #1 is very simple and beautiful and I think any bridesmaid would enjoy wearing it. Dress #2 is a little crazy sauce, but I kind of like it! I wouldn't put every girl in it, but if you're going for an eclectic bridal party with girls in different dresses, adding one of these would look great. Dress #3 is my favorite. It's sassy, sexy, and fashionable! All three dresses would look great with those beautiful coral bouquets in front of them. The most important thing to focus on whether you have coral dresses with lilac flowers, or vice versa is to keep the accessories metallic. You don't want to go overboard with too much color. Obviously, my choice would be to pair the dresses with simple gold jewelry. I love me some gold!

As for the bridal bouquet and centerpiece flowers, they should combine the two colors to infuse the palette into the day! Here are some beautiful examples.


 As far as the extra touches to your day to bring it all together, here are some ways to incorporate the color story.

12345, 6

Don't forget that you can use your linen and napkins to add some "wow" to your event! This wedding's linen really packs a punch of color and looks great. The cute little purse would be perfect for a flower girl to carry around. Don't want to mix the two colors in your invites? Think outside of the box and go monotone with your invites and use the other color for your envelopes. As for other decorative touches, I love this garland! I would alternate the two for some cutesy decor.

Ready to run out and get the coral and lilac look? Here's how you can use it in your everyday look as well.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Architecture & Jewelry

Here's another non wedding related post! I'm taking a short hiatus from wedding design (because I had a bit of overload and was getting overwhelmed) but not from blogging! I thought I'd let some of my other interests shine! Metro Detroit and Downtown Detroit architecture has been catching my eye for a long time now. I delight in interesting buildings and unique details. However, my intrigue has turned into all out obsession since I started my new job a couple of months ago. On my new commute home I have the perfect view of the Southfield skyline just as the evening sun hits it. It is so stunning it takes my breath away. I love the black and gold buildings so much I just want to HAVE them! I have no idea how that even makes sense since they're office buildings, but it's just a compulsion that I have that I need them! I love them so much! 

Here's some background on the architecture. The Southfield Town Center (as it is called) is made up of 5 skyscrapers built between 1975 to 1989. The style of architecture is considered to be modern with post modern influences. What I love most about it is the geometric qualities the buildings have. I also like that the 3000 Town Center building  reminds me of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies! Mmmm... oh, right, so what does this have to do with jewelry?? 

Well, since I can't physically HAVE the buildings like I oh so want to, and I couldn't figure out a way to get them in the background of our wedding pictures (no pretty areas to stand in that has Southfield as a backdrop, it's all expressway), I have decided to take inspiration from the Southfield Town Center (and the 2000 Tower in particular) to influence my jewelry choices for the summer. I love that any kind of design, be it wedding design, interior design, or fashion can be influenced by literally ANYTHING. It lends to so much creativity and personal style. So, feast your eyes on the gorgeous Southfield Town Center and my favorite jewelry pieces inspired by the black and gold geometrics!

1&2 are the 2000 Tower, 3 is the 4000 Tower and 4 is the 3000 Tower.

Totally looks like the 3000 tower, right???






Sunday, May 27, 2012

Office Decor

I'm deviating from the typical topic on Bride with a Twist today! Yes, it's true I have other interests than weddings! Today I want to talk about office decor! Mostly because I'm trying to brighten up the space I work in! Just because your office is not part of your home does not mean that you can't give it some style and personality! Besides, we spend the majority of our day at work, it might as well be a space that we enjoy! Here are some items that I am loving and that can easily be brought into your office.

If you have a desk job like I do, you know that you spend most of your time sitting down facing the screen. A good way to add a pop of color to your view is to find a fun mouse pad! I have been drooling over this mouse pad for months now. However, at $35 for a mouse pad, I haven't yet pulled the trigger on the purchase. I may ask for it for my birthday though! Pink and gold is a classic combo that sets my heart a flutter whether it's in wedding design, fashion, or home design. 

The next two office details are practical, fun, and things I own already! I love that peacock mirror oh so much! It is useful because it allows me to see people coming up behind me so I don't jump out of my skin when someone starts talking to me! My polaroid picture frame is great for the office too because it allows me to have multiple picture of me and my mister without taking up much desk space.

Adding plants makes a space feel more homey. I adore the pig planter which makes a splash with some whimsy and color. The brass terrarium is another great way to include some greenery.

Don't think that art is just for your home. You can bring art and pin it up on your tack board or bring the art in frames and lean it up against your cube wall. These pieces are neutral enough for the office but beautiful enough to give you some eye candy!

1, 234567, 8910

Yes, trash cans are typically provided already in your office but who says you can't trade it out for a pretty one? I think you should! 

Bringing your own desk chair may not be practical or even allowed... but if I could I would bring this one!