Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Save the Date in Style

Hello there blogettes!

Now that I have my engagement pictures and spring is turning towards summer, my thoughts are turning towards save the dates! I think that save the dates are oh so important! Since the actual wedding invitation doesn't get sent out until about 6 weeks before the wedding, and people are so busy these days booking up their schedules months in advance, giving everyone a heads up of your wedding date as far in advance as possible is always a good idea! I actually had the experience last year of booking a vacation only to find out a couple of months later that I had chosen the weekend of two close friends' wedding. The angst I had to go through of whether or not to cancel my vacation or miss their wedding could have been avoided through a simple save the date! The good news is, save the dates can be so pretty and fun! And once again, there are many different options! Let's go through some of the pretty and unique ideas I've found!

The luggage tag save the dates are super cute for a travel theme! The picture/magnet save the dates are what we'll be doing though! We need to use those gorgeous engagement photos for something! Plus I like the idea of a magnet. It actually reminds people of when your date is on a daily basis and is easily accessible when they want to remember what weekend they already have plans for! 

This save the date is so cute and interactive! Blow up the balloon, read the message! Perhaps a little impractical though since it's hard to check back at the date after it deflates.

Both of these are magnets as well. Love the vintage-y vibe of the first one, and I like the whimsical twist of the second one being a magnet cutout! 

A bookmark save the date works just as well as the magnet at reminding people when your date is and being easily accessible! A very cute way to get people excited for your big day! And if the rustic element is more of your thing, I like the lace and twine look! 

As if you didn't notice by now, I think that any time you can add a little prettiness and personality, you should! These personalized stamps are SO cute! I love being able to make something that otherwise you wouldn't notice a fun feature! These stamps do just that! Now the question is, how will I ever choose which one to use? 

Well, there you have it! A quick look at some save the date inspiration! 

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