Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Accessory- Luggage

As a travel junkie, I think the must have decor item in my wedding is luggage! We have a slight travel theme to our wedding. I don't plan on revealing all of the details (need to leave some intrigue for my guests!) but I will let you know that there will be some various nods to travel! Today I will be focusing on suitcases! I love the vintage romantic vibe they bring to any space! The best thing (for me) about including vintage luggage in your wedding is that it is reusable after the big day! No, not for carrying your stuff but as home decor! I'll show you what I mean later in the post! Here's some of my favorite luggage inspiration!

A great usage for luggage at your reception is to make a lovely display table and use a suitcase to collect cards from your guests!  

I also really love the idea of using luggage to hold your escort cards! I am particularly inspired by the first picture. I have quite a soft spot for baby's breath! 

How romantic are these suitcase cake stands? I think that idea is very different and beautiful! I especially love the addition of the lace in the left photo. 

What's better than a luggage cake stand? Luggage cake!! How cool are these cakes? The one on the left looks so real! This way of incorporating the travel theme is a little "themey" but it's pretty cute!

And... as promised, here's how you can reuse your luggage after the wedding! 

This is such an easy but super chic side table to DIY! And it will make you think of your wedding when you see it! I definitely want to try to do this!

 Ok, so it's unlikely that you'll be able to create this FANTASTIC chair on your own... but you can always buy it (if you're rich) to bring some of your wedding flair home with you! 


(I'm sorry I don't have the sources for 1, 4, 5, or 11!!)

Ok, there's a little taste of a travel theme! I hope you enjoyed my luggage post! 


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