Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Aqua and Red

After last week's colorless post I promised to bring a pop of color this week! So we're going to take a look at Aqua and Red! I think this is such a cute palette! It can go vintage really well but if you keep all of your decorations crisp and clean lined it can be very modern as well. Since I am currently sitting in my basement with a terrified kitty on my lap, I will keep this post brief and let the pictures do the talking!

What a beautifully done tablescape! The aqua tablecloth is beautiful and I love how the red gives such a POP in your face but in a fabulous way!

This is the perfect balance of these two colors for bridesmaids so that they incorporate both but don't look crazy! I love the red shoes and I extra love how it looks with just the bride's bouquet in red!

Jazzing up the ceiling

This looks so vintage and simple to me. It's a work of art!

Adorable wedding programs/fans for an outdoor ceremony

Having the dainty blue glass with simple red blooms is color palette genius! 

Ok, so I couldn't choose between these invites and the next two to put on here so I just had to put them all! They are all so fun and represent the palette so well! the peacocks are stunning!

These are more bold and graphic. It has a circus theme and the elephant balancing on the ball adds some whimsy to the invitation!

Here's an entire wedding paper suite! I love the different colored envelopes to pull in the theme!

This cake reminds me of a pin up girl's dress! Polka dot love!

If I were a bridesmaid, I would definitely want this clutch as a gift!

The sweetest sweet table

Something for the little boy to carry down the aisle.

You could hang this over your wedding cake table. Or, right behind the bride and groom at the head table! A very fun touch!

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Wedding Palette Wednesday! 


Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Choose a Venue in 10 Days

I'm ready to disclose our choice in venue and the quick process we went through in choosing! And yes, I may have stole this blog title from one of my favorite chick flicks... but I love me some Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey!

Over our winter vacation we checked out 3 different venues. It was quick but we know a good thing when we see it! Not to mention all of the prework I had done, I was already able to eliminate the (beautiful) really expensive ones and the (ugly) ones that are not our style! So I narrowed it down to three. But if I'm going to be honest, I was really counting on one... so let's start the breakdown! The first venue we visited was...

The Bay Pointe Golf Club:

This place is nice, and affordable. The view of the lake is gorgeous and they have a fantastic "getting ready" room. They should have a picture of that room on their website because it almost sold me! Marble floors, marble makeup areas, and a pedestal for the bride to stand on under a gorgeous chandelier surrounded by 3 floor length mirrors! The guys getting ready area was cool too, it had a very "men's club" feel to it!

The outdoor area was nice to be sure, but we're having an April wedding, so betting on the weather is not a good idea. Besides, I am way too Type A to chance my wedding plans on the weather! So most likely the entire event would be inside which while nice, was much too traditional for my style. Everything was newly renovated and J liked it, but our style is much more modern and it just wasn't a good fit.

The third place we visited was the Colony Club (yes I skipped the second because that one is the winner!) This was actually a mistake. We tried to check out the Gem & Century Theaters but when we showed up for the appointment the manager showed us the Colony Club instead. We didn't object because we were already pretty set on venue #2! The Colony Club has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. It is very prominent in the photography blogs, so here it is in all of its splendor!

The Colony Club:

The Colony Club was really gorgeous. It's in this great building built in the 1920s and was originally one of the first women's clubs in Detroit! It also leans a little bit on the traditional side but an excellent perk is that the rental comes with those beautiful gold chivari chairs! I also really like the balconies so that the bride and groom can have their "royal kiss" moment! It is a great venue but by this time venue #2 had stolen our hearts! So let's waste no time...

The third venue, and the winner that gets to host our fabulous wedding is The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac! I'm showing you the pictures of the space empty, you'll have to wait until the wedding to see what it looks like all jazzed up!

 This is the Ballroom. Our ceremony will be on the stage back there and then it will be flipped for the reception. The space is two levels so people will be on both the main floor and the balcony!
 This space is so cool and hip. We absolutely love the industrial loft feel!
 Bird's eye view. Don't worry, there will be a fully stocked bar on this level too! 
This is floor one of the Vernor's room where the cocktail hour will be held. It is three levels high and super fun!
 This is the top level of the cocktail hour space. Pool tables for some entertainment while you have some drinks and appetizers! 
And this here shows the mid level of the Vernor's room. The money shot. Those windows are absolutely stunning. I can't wait to take pictures in front of them! 

And if the weather is nice, there's an outdoor space that's pretty cool too! 

So, there you have it! That is how you choose a venue in 10 days! Go somewhere unexpected and you will find greatness! AND we didn't kill any plants or play with any chinese crusted dogs (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days reference for those of you who don't remember all of the details!)

Don't worry, I'll do a more detailed posting about the Crofoot later on but this was just a teaser!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! All White

Usually here on Wedding Palette Wednesday we usually look at color palettes. However, for today we will be looking at just the opposite. No color! An all white wedding can look very glamorous. And there's no way anyone could  mistake your event for anything other than a wedding! All white weddings are a seasonless look so it could work for your winter white wedding or a breezy light summer wedding! Let's take a look at this color-less palette!

 White flowers in milk glass- perfection!

 Casual maids
 This cake is totally delectable! It is major inspiration for my own cake!
 All white stationary- use indented words to keep it crisp and white!

 Soft, romantic peonies
If you don't think white will bring enough drama- how about that paper flower backdrop for drama!?
 Different shapes work to add interest to an all white space

 These white flowers with black centers bring a little modern fun to this bouquet
 Sumptuous white fabric frames this ceremony
 Not a fan of monotone white in your bouquet? Add a some natural greenery! 
 Add some white to your neckline
 A classic look
These maids are taking a leaf out of Kate Middleton's book!

This cake is simply adorable

I hope you enjoyed today's color(less) palette! Check back in next week for a serious pop of color!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Surprise!

Our first Valentine's Day together as a betrothed couple was definitely one to remember! Tuesday nights J plays as a goalie on a ice hockey team and I always have my friend (and one of my bridesmaids!) come over for "TV date night." So we didn't make big v-day plans. Before I left for work I left a card for J on his backpack but didn't really expect much in return. While I was at work I received a beautiful (ha) poem on my facebook wall that read, "Rose are red, Violets are blue, if zombies chased us, I would not trip you." This should give you an idea of the level of romance I can expect from my fiance! I ran a few errands before I got home and asked J to put a pot of water on the stove to boil. I got inside the house, saw the pot boiling, and then noticed that the dining room table had been cleared off. This seems to be a theme (for those of you who know our proposal story, you'll remember that I was tipped off that J was going to propose because he had tidied up our bedroom!) So I asked why the table was cleaned. J told me it was because he wanted me to sit there, and asked me to do so. Once I was at the table, he brought out a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
So pretty! 
a card, and some candy. It was so sweet! The card he got me was equally as romantic as the poem he had written me.

I feel like he could have written that last part. It is so J!
Once I was done reading the card and thanking him for the blooms, he came out with a little dish. I was pretty confused and had to ask what it was. It turns out that he had created a macaroni and cheese concoction for me! Now, I LOVE mac'n cheese so this was right up my alley, but the cutest part was that he brought it out in a tiny little bowl as an "appetizer" because he knows I'm on a diet. Turns out that he spent a couple hours after work buying ingredients and experimenting with a pasta bake.

I'm drooling just looking at it again!
He used Velveeta cheese shells (my fav), bacon, he then added egg noodles because there was too much bacon (don't ask), three different kinds of cheese, and garlic bread crumbled on top! It was delicious! Especially since I know he baked it from the heart! What I most appreciated was that he made me feel special on the holiday even though we didn't have a lot of time to be together that day. It definitely reinforced how lucky I am to be marrying this man! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines day too!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Pink and Orange

Hello weddingettes! It's time for another color filled post! Today's palette is inspired by my mom! She sent me an email saying that she's noticed a lot of hot pink and orange jewelry around lately. So, I decided to check it out! Turns out hot pink and orange is a prominent color scheme in the wedding world too! Please note, this color combination is not for the faint of heart! It provides a serious pop! Let the pictures roll....

If you're going to do this combo, you should just completely go for it! This wedding has excellent implementation of their theme! 

A good way to incorporate color is through fun accessories such as this cupcake stand! 

Set the tone of your event starting with your invitations! 

Here is an adorable dessert table lightly touched by the key colors

Luscious blooms!  

A vivid necklace can really pop off of a white dress!

Pom love!

Multicolored bridesmaids look effortlessly put together

This simple cake is fancied up with romantic pink and orange flowers

Bright colors beautifully done

These shoes are so adorable! I might buy them even though orange and pink are not my colors!! 

Ok, I know I already showed a pair of orange and pink shoes but I couldn't help putting up another! Plus these ones are so different from the others! Absolutely love the color blocking! 

I really think these two colors work with bridesmaids in different colors because they are in the same color family so it doesn't jar your eye to look at them all together. It looks very eclectic!  

And for those who are not quite as daring, here is a muted version of this color palette!