Sunday, February 12, 2012

Picture Perfect

To me, the most important part of planning a wedding (besides writing the ceremony) is the photography. I am currently in the middle of determining my photographer finalists to figure out which ones to meet with! So, since all I can think about right now is photos, photos, photos, I thought I'd write about it!

Photography is so important because it is the only thing besides your spouse that you get to take away with you after the event is over. I also think that it is one of the best ways to communicate your wedding style and the feel of the event to remember. I am so grateful that photography is what it is today. The ability to capture so many images and all of the beautiful color effects and image corrections is phenomenal! Plus we all know how much fun sharing images of weddings is, hello pinterest and wedding blogs! So to me, this is the most important decision of all!

It's a very difficult choice to make because you need the perfect blend of artistic style and chemistry with your photographers. That's why it is so important to meet with them before making a choice. You need to know if this is someone you want to be all up in your grill on your wedding day! I mean really, they're going to be there while you're dressing, there when you first see your husband to be, there when you say I do, and there for all of the rest. So having a good rapport with your photogs is key to making your wedding day fun and special!

So far, I have it narrowed down to about 5 photographers that I love! Here's a little sample from the top three! Picking your favorite in the comment section will help me immensely!

Today we met with the fabulous Jeffrey from JLB Photography. He was very nice and fun and super proud of his work! Here are some of my favorites from him!

You can find more of his wonderful work at

The thing I like best about his photography is that he does custom color options that you can tint your images to make them softer or vintage or whatever you want! He also takes his photos with many different poses so that you really feel like you have experienced the entire day when you look at his photography.

Next up is a wonderful photographer husband and wife team, Michelle and Chris known as Inspired Art Photography!





You can see more of their work at

Michelle and Chris are great at capturing emotion and stolen moments between the bride and groom.

And finally, we have another husband and wife team, Kristen and Jamie with K Holly Studios in Grand Rapids!





There fantastic photography can  be viewed at

All of Kristen and Jamie's brides and grooms look like they're having a fabulous time! Their photos are very fun.

Pretty hard decision, right? I'm very thankful for so many amazing choices though! Who do you think is the best?


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  1. ooh, tough choice! I'm leaning towards Michelle and Chris! Something about the lighting in the pictures makes them look perfect but not over-edited. Good luck!!