Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Pink and Orange

Hello weddingettes! It's time for another color filled post! Today's palette is inspired by my mom! She sent me an email saying that she's noticed a lot of hot pink and orange jewelry around lately. So, I decided to check it out! Turns out hot pink and orange is a prominent color scheme in the wedding world too! Please note, this color combination is not for the faint of heart! It provides a serious pop! Let the pictures roll....

If you're going to do this combo, you should just completely go for it! This wedding has excellent implementation of their theme! 

A good way to incorporate color is through fun accessories such as this cupcake stand! 

Set the tone of your event starting with your invitations! 

Here is an adorable dessert table lightly touched by the key colors

Luscious blooms!  

A vivid necklace can really pop off of a white dress!

Pom love!

Multicolored bridesmaids look effortlessly put together

This simple cake is fancied up with romantic pink and orange flowers

Bright colors beautifully done

These shoes are so adorable! I might buy them even though orange and pink are not my colors!! 

Ok, I know I already showed a pair of orange and pink shoes but I couldn't help putting up another! Plus these ones are so different from the others! Absolutely love the color blocking! 

I really think these two colors work with bridesmaids in different colors because they are in the same color family so it doesn't jar your eye to look at them all together. It looks very eclectic!  

And for those who are not quite as daring, here is a muted version of this color palette! 


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