Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fashion Trend: Peplums

Tonight I'm mixing my wedding obsession and fashion obsession into one great wedding fashion post!

The peplum first caught my attention at this year's Oscars when it hit the red carpet on these lovely ladies!

The peplum has turned into a fashion staple ever since. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a "peplum" is a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, dress, bodice, etc. It has infected the style of celebrity glamour, office attire, casual looks, and yes... brides! I think this trend is one that can stand the test of time. If done properly, it looks classic, elegant, and fun! I don't think you will look back at yourself in 10 years and wonder what on earth you were thinking!  

There are a two different styles of peplum bridal gowns:

1. Architectural and elegant:

1234 & 5

2. Romantic and soft:


And for those of you who like the peplum look but aren't bold enough to go all out, here are some subtle options!

A hint of peplum on a ball gown skirt.

Just a baby peplum!

So what do you think? Will you go peplum? 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Woodsy Wonderland

After all of the excitement of being featured on The Loveliest Day I'm trying to pull myself together and bring you some wedding inspiration for your Wednesday! I love the boho, hippie, woodsy wedding vibe! It's so unlike my own glam style but I'm a fan of camping and am an outdoorsy girl at heart so these nature inspired weddings tug at my heart strings!

Let's get lost in the woods!


Wouldn't it be wonderful to say your "I dos" blanketed in a woodsy embrace? And I mean seriously, that mushroom cake is absolutely stunning and adorable!


To bring in some woodsy flair, even if you're not in the middle of a forest, you can use decor items that harken back to the woods! An owl theme works well and wood cutouts are always appropriate! Did you notice the subtle nod to last week's post on succulents in the bottom picture? Combine the two themes and you have succulents in the woods!

Isn't this completely over the top fantastic??? Talk about taking a theme and running with it! There's something incredibly intimate about a woodsy theme. 


Don't forget to choose fashion that reflects your theme. For the woods, something flowy and piecy works well. I love the shredded look, very organic. And for the girls? Something neutral works best. 

A stunning hair piece like this one will bring that woodsy touch to your tresses. 


Tree bark cakes are wildly popular and adorable! I especially love the ones with the couples' initials etched into the fondant. The cake on the right is a little more reminiscent of Hawaii than the woods but I think it still works. If tree bark cakes aren't your cup of tea, there are very romantic woodsy options as well! 

The organic earth tone flowers on this cake really bring the theme but not in an overt way. The love birds on the top are the perfect final touch!

Talk about over the top wondefulness! This wedding really brings the outside in with its use of branches and greenery. 


Get your guests excited for a night outdoors by setting the tone with your invitation suite! And don't forget about the groomsmen! Men in brown work best. 


When it comes to your bouquet, undone, natural flowers with greenery look best. You want it to look like it was just gathered on your walk to the aisle. Binding the stems simply with twine or a small piece of fabric will work best so that the stems and greenery is still prominent in the bunch! Bonus points for including berries and other non-traditional flowers that could be found in the forest!

And to top it all off, the perfect venue is one that is simple, rustic, and one with nature. 

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to join that party on the lake! What do you think? Has the woodsy bug bitten you?


Featured on The Loveliest Day!

Hey weddingettes!

BridewithatTwist was featured on The Loveliest Day! I am oh so excited so you should head over and check it out!

The Loveliest Day Feature of BridewithaTwist

Melissa said some very nice things and curated a lovely post!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Personal Cake Dilemma

I've been trying to run that fine line with my blog that there's enough personal details about our wedding and my planning process (since it is my wedding blog after all!) that make it a personal blog but not so many that my guests who read my blog will have no surprises left to look forward to! I want my guests to be blown away and amazed when they walk into our wedding!

However, on this issue I am completely stuck and I thought I'd reach out to you readers of my blog for your opinions!

In order to pull off "eclectic romance" I am bringing aspects that are ultra modern (such as our industrial loft type venue, photobooth, and lighting plan) and aspects that are more lush, romantic, and yes- vintage (my dress and the flowers). Finding a good balance is something I'm striving for. When it comes to the cake I could go either way- ultra mod or romantic vintage. And I love both of my ideas and I can't decided which direction to go in! That's where you all come in! I'm going to propose my two (well ok three) different ideas and I'd like you to vote for which one you like best! It will really help me make my choice and I will appreciate it oh so much!

#1 Romantic Feminine:

This cake is so beautiful and more of your "traditional" wedding cake. It's actually the cake we got priced out for us when we went to do our tasting a couple of months ago. I love the big flower (naturally) and I love the tiny little bead trails! It reminded me instantly of the Oscar's dress that Cate Blanchett wore in 2011.

Does anyone else remember that one? I just love it! It reminds me of octopus tentacles but in a good way... how is there a good way you ask? In the good way that I think succulents look like little aliens! Anyways, our cake would be done in gold rather than pink. And I would request the little flower trails to look more like Cate's dress instead of little flowers. It is lovely and wonderful and so romantic!

BUT I also was struck with an idea for an original cake of my creation inspired by my favorite building that I posted about here.

#2 Ultra Mod: I am also inspired by mod cakes that have bold graphics bright colors to make them really stand out! For my personalized cake creation I was thinking about having a violet cake with the gold triangle from my favorite Southfield building cascading down the front. Clean, bold, modern. It's pretty great! Since my photoshop skills are not such that I can actually superimpose the gold triangle piece from the 2000 Tower onto a cake (I tried... it was unsuccessful) you'll have to imagine along with me. Here's the most similar cake I could find to what I'm thinking:

Ok, fine. To help you visualize, I will include more poor attempt at mocking up this cake. Feel free to giggle because it is oh so pathetic!

I can hear the laughter already...  Obviously, I did not commit much time to trying to make this mock up. Anyways, the cake would be a vivid purple and the gold triangle shape would use the same technique in the inspiration photo but in the shape of the gold triangle from the 2000 Tower. (Please don't discount this option due to my terrible rendering of my idea. I promise it will look cool!)

And my alternate #3 idea that I actually just thought of today is to mix the two ideas. Use the pattern of my favorite (read: obsession) wallpaper to be painted all over the cake, and then have a big fondant flower to add some pizzazz!

I saw it done by a local baker using wallpaper from Anthropologie:

Gorgeous, right? Well here's the wallpaper that I have been fawning over for a year (at least). I even went so far as to purchase a sample so I can look at it. The sample lives in my living room.

Ok- those are my ideas! Please help me out and leave your opinion! I love them all too much and I just can't decide!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Succulent Infused Wedding

I've decided to start highlighting different types of wedding styles. There are so many different looks and themes that your wedding can take on that you can really tailor your wedding to your personality and personal style! In lieu of Wedding Palette Wednesdays, I will be instead switching over to theme inspiration. Today's look is the ever popular and ever beautiful "succulent infused wedding." I may be inspired by my own succulent beauties I received from J for our 5 year dating anniversary... but that's just it, inspiration is everywhere!

Why do I like them? Because they look like little aliens :-) little beautiful aliens! So cute! Here are some lovelies!


When it comes to succulent cakes, I think the simpler, the better. A crisp white cake really makes those gorgeous desert dwellers pop!

1, 234

A few succulents added to any bouquet can create interest. They can be incorporated into traditional bouquets (such as the bottom left photo) or they can be used to create something really unique and modern such as the top two! The succulents mixed with the Billy Ball flowers (the yellow ones) are SO fun! And I love love love the boutineeres! They are just the cutest!


Why not let the kids have fun with succulents too? A moss and succulent ring bearer pillow is a fun detail as well as the basket full of them for the flower girl to carry!

Whether you add just a couple succulents or make your entire display out of them, they look great! That's what's so fantastic about succulents, they look beautiful on their own but also play nicely with others!

Something about the combination of moss and succulents makes my heart go a flutter! It's so otherworldly and romantic!


Succulents don't just come in green! They come also come in purple (which is also very popular) or you can have them dyed! I love the idea of giving away succulents as your favor! It's something that everyone can use and they'll look cute sitting on the guest tables! You can even use them as escort cards!

I hope you enjoyed looking through this succulentastic post as much as I liked creating it!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jewish-ish Wedding Traditions- Blessings

This post is going to cover many different Jewish wedding traditions from the list. The following traditions are on today's agenda: The Betrothal, The Kiddush, The Seven Blessings, The Ring Ceremony, and The Breaking of the Glass.

The Betrothal/The Ring Ceremony- I have recently discovered that these two traditions are one and the same! The Betrothal is known as the "presentation of the ring." There are two blessings that are recited and wine is tasted. This portion of the ring ceremony we will not be participating in. #1 because we're having a secular (non religious) service and #2 because J doesn't drink alcohol. Ever. 

Additional traditions around the ring are that the wedding bands cannot be broken by diamonds or other gems. The unbroken circle of gold represents the circle of everlasting love and marriage. This tradition goes so far as if the wedding bands the couple wants to wear have stones in them, they must borrow solid gold rings to use during the actual ceremony. Another facet of this tradition is that the bride's ring must be the property of the groom at the time of the wedding. So if a family is going to lend solid gold rings to the couple, they must sell them to the groom and then buy them back after the wedding. During the ring ceremony, the groom places the brides ring onto her right index finger instead of her left ring finger. 

As far as these traditions go, we will be following the solid gold tradition but only by happy accident rather than choice. I have decided to go with a skinny, solid rose gold wedding band and I'm sure J's ring will be solid as well. I don't really see him as a diamond sporting kind of dude! 

The Kiddush is the blessing over the wine which happens before the exchange of rings. As I mentioned above, we will not be performing that tradition. 

The Seven Blessings- the seven blessings can be given by the rabbi or by chosen friends and family. Again, we're doing a secular ceremony so no blessings will be given. 

The Breaking of the Glass- this tradition is probably the most popular and well known Jewish wedding tradition. In fact, many non Jewish couples are incorporating it into their day. It is, after all, quite the big finish! For those of you who are unfamiliar, the breaking of the glass is at the end of the wedding where the groom steps on (and breaks) a glass wrapped in cloth. Once the glass breaks everyone yells "Mazel Tov" (which means congratulations) and claps! These days, a light bulb is used in place of an actual glass because they're easier to break and make a better popping noise! Nothing is funnier (but more uncomfortable for the groom) than a glass that won't break! So men, give it a good stomp! 

I cringe to tell you the meaning of the breaking of the glass because I don't agree with it but here it is. It is supposed to symbolize the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and remind everyone that even in joy we must mourn. I won't get into my feelings on this sentiment but I will say that we are including the tradition despite it's downer meaning. It just really isn't a Jewish wedding without the breaking of the glass! 


See? So much fun! 

To tally up the Jewish wedding traditions as we always do...
1. Ketubah signing- IN
2. Chuppah- IN
3. Separation- OUT
4. The Covering of the Bride- Half IN Half OUT
5. The Procession/Unterfieres- IN
6. Encircling of the Groom- IN
7. The Betrothal/Ring Ceremony- IN
8. The Kiddush- OUT
9. The Seven Blessings- OUT
10. The Breaking of the Glass- IN

Only two more traditions to go!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Floral Free Centerpieces

I'm back again! Hopefully for good this time! I've been getting a lot of planning done in my absence but I've had my blog nagging at the back of my mind! Also, I just starting using photoshop so please cut me some slack on my collages while I'm learning how to use it! Hopefully once I get the hang of it, it will make the pictures easier to look at!

Today we're going to go through some ideas for floral free centerpieces. I met with my friend Julie last week to discuss all things wedding, and the topic of lower cost centerpieces came up. What do you do if you want a beautiful tablescape but don't want to pay thousands of dollars for flowers? There are endless options for flower free, or minimal flower, centerpieces. Those that I will showcase today are candles, pumpkins, balloons, and a surprise out of the box pick!

Candles can make beautiful centerpieces and really set the mood. The great thing about using candles as centerpieces is that once the lights are dimmed for dancing they will glow all night and create a romantic atmosphere. There are so many different ways you can incorporate candles and really make them statement pieces. Some easy and impactful ways to use candles are to use groupings of tall vases with differing heights with floating candles, use colored candles, or use interesting unique candle holders. The important thing to remember when creating a wow candle centerpiece is amount. One candle looks wimpy so to make a feature use several candles with alternating heights to add interest.

Candle centerpieces are great to add just a couple flowers to if you want that floral look without breaking the bank. An easy way to include flowers is to submerge a flower in each vase under a floating candle.

The centerpieces above are very easy to DIY. To get the look in the third image, you can check out flea markets for interesting shaped candle sticks. It doesn't matter what color or finish they're in because with a can of spray paint they can be whatever color you wish! To get the look in the fourth image, collect wine bottles throughout your engagement period, peel off the labels and you have yourself an impactful inexpensive centerpiece!

If you're having a fall wedding, a great way to have a floral free centerpiece that incoporates the season and is super cute is to use pumpkins! Some of my suggestions to use pumpkins in your decor are to put them on little pedestals, paint/carve/add glitter, or carve out the middle and put inexpensive blooms such as carnations inside and use them as a vase! Just like with the candles, to make this centerpiece spectacular you either need a plentiful number of pumpkins, or you need one big pumpkin with some oomph! 

1, 234 

This next flower-less tip is for a bold non-traditional bride. Tread carefully with this inspiration as it can go tacky really easily. Round balloons as opposed to the traditional oval ones look more elegant and unexpected. To make this tip look chic it is actually the opposite of candles and pumpkins, one big balloon makes a bigger impact and looks more pulled together (and less 3 year old birthday party) than a whole bunch. 
The large round white balloons look fun and pulled together. It's balloons, but not "in your face" balloons. 

These are amazing! I love them because they're gold (naturally) and bold! Plus, how easy would it be for guests to find their tables?!

This centerpiece breaks my rule of keeping it simple. It also borders on the edge of not being sophisticated enough for a wedding. But I like it because it incorporates other items into the bunch. By adding the tissue paper poms and varied sizes of balloons it makes this centerpiece look like a big bouquet of flowers rather than just a bunch of balloons! 

This one I just couldn't resist including! It is completely adorable and I want it!

These lace orbs are phenomenal! They look amazing and they are totally DIYable! I envision using them two different ways. #1 as you would regular balloons like outlined above or #2 clustered on the table. Have one bigger one with a grouping of three or five little ones piled next to it. These lace orbs will really get your guests talking about your event!