Thursday, July 12, 2012

Personal Cake Dilemma

I've been trying to run that fine line with my blog that there's enough personal details about our wedding and my planning process (since it is my wedding blog after all!) that make it a personal blog but not so many that my guests who read my blog will have no surprises left to look forward to! I want my guests to be blown away and amazed when they walk into our wedding!

However, on this issue I am completely stuck and I thought I'd reach out to you readers of my blog for your opinions!

In order to pull off "eclectic romance" I am bringing aspects that are ultra modern (such as our industrial loft type venue, photobooth, and lighting plan) and aspects that are more lush, romantic, and yes- vintage (my dress and the flowers). Finding a good balance is something I'm striving for. When it comes to the cake I could go either way- ultra mod or romantic vintage. And I love both of my ideas and I can't decided which direction to go in! That's where you all come in! I'm going to propose my two (well ok three) different ideas and I'd like you to vote for which one you like best! It will really help me make my choice and I will appreciate it oh so much!

#1 Romantic Feminine:

This cake is so beautiful and more of your "traditional" wedding cake. It's actually the cake we got priced out for us when we went to do our tasting a couple of months ago. I love the big flower (naturally) and I love the tiny little bead trails! It reminded me instantly of the Oscar's dress that Cate Blanchett wore in 2011.

Does anyone else remember that one? I just love it! It reminds me of octopus tentacles but in a good way... how is there a good way you ask? In the good way that I think succulents look like little aliens! Anyways, our cake would be done in gold rather than pink. And I would request the little flower trails to look more like Cate's dress instead of little flowers. It is lovely and wonderful and so romantic!

BUT I also was struck with an idea for an original cake of my creation inspired by my favorite building that I posted about here.

#2 Ultra Mod: I am also inspired by mod cakes that have bold graphics bright colors to make them really stand out! For my personalized cake creation I was thinking about having a violet cake with the gold triangle from my favorite Southfield building cascading down the front. Clean, bold, modern. It's pretty great! Since my photoshop skills are not such that I can actually superimpose the gold triangle piece from the 2000 Tower onto a cake (I tried... it was unsuccessful) you'll have to imagine along with me. Here's the most similar cake I could find to what I'm thinking:

Ok, fine. To help you visualize, I will include more poor attempt at mocking up this cake. Feel free to giggle because it is oh so pathetic!

I can hear the laughter already...  Obviously, I did not commit much time to trying to make this mock up. Anyways, the cake would be a vivid purple and the gold triangle shape would use the same technique in the inspiration photo but in the shape of the gold triangle from the 2000 Tower. (Please don't discount this option due to my terrible rendering of my idea. I promise it will look cool!)

And my alternate #3 idea that I actually just thought of today is to mix the two ideas. Use the pattern of my favorite (read: obsession) wallpaper to be painted all over the cake, and then have a big fondant flower to add some pizzazz!

I saw it done by a local baker using wallpaper from Anthropologie:

Gorgeous, right? Well here's the wallpaper that I have been fawning over for a year (at least). I even went so far as to purchase a sample so I can look at it. The sample lives in my living room.

Ok- those are my ideas! Please help me out and leave your opinion! I love them all too much and I just can't decide!



  1. I really like number one, but for you I would say do number two! It's totally you and would look awesome!! So my vote would be number 2. Patrick also voted and said 2 as well :-)

  2. I actually really like the idea of #3, I think the mix of both plus your favorite wall paper would look awesome! I also think it would really pull in the whole theme of your wedding with the mix of eclectic and romantic!

  3. I'd say either 1 or 3, having a hard time narrowing it down. I guess I'm just not a fan of the top of 3. Keith's vote is chocolate vanilla swirl :-)

  4. I like three!! Its a good mix

  5. #3 wouldn't look like that. The top I mean. I was just giving an example of the wallpaper look on the cake. It would be more like #1 but with the wallpaper pattern instead! Thanks for your input guys!!!