Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Woodsy Wonderland

After all of the excitement of being featured on The Loveliest Day I'm trying to pull myself together and bring you some wedding inspiration for your Wednesday! I love the boho, hippie, woodsy wedding vibe! It's so unlike my own glam style but I'm a fan of camping and am an outdoorsy girl at heart so these nature inspired weddings tug at my heart strings!

Let's get lost in the woods!


Wouldn't it be wonderful to say your "I dos" blanketed in a woodsy embrace? And I mean seriously, that mushroom cake is absolutely stunning and adorable!


To bring in some woodsy flair, even if you're not in the middle of a forest, you can use decor items that harken back to the woods! An owl theme works well and wood cutouts are always appropriate! Did you notice the subtle nod to last week's post on succulents in the bottom picture? Combine the two themes and you have succulents in the woods!

Isn't this completely over the top fantastic??? Talk about taking a theme and running with it! There's something incredibly intimate about a woodsy theme. 


Don't forget to choose fashion that reflects your theme. For the woods, something flowy and piecy works well. I love the shredded look, very organic. And for the girls? Something neutral works best. 

A stunning hair piece like this one will bring that woodsy touch to your tresses. 


Tree bark cakes are wildly popular and adorable! I especially love the ones with the couples' initials etched into the fondant. The cake on the right is a little more reminiscent of Hawaii than the woods but I think it still works. If tree bark cakes aren't your cup of tea, there are very romantic woodsy options as well! 

The organic earth tone flowers on this cake really bring the theme but not in an overt way. The love birds on the top are the perfect final touch!

Talk about over the top wondefulness! This wedding really brings the outside in with its use of branches and greenery. 


Get your guests excited for a night outdoors by setting the tone with your invitation suite! And don't forget about the groomsmen! Men in brown work best. 


When it comes to your bouquet, undone, natural flowers with greenery look best. You want it to look like it was just gathered on your walk to the aisle. Binding the stems simply with twine or a small piece of fabric will work best so that the stems and greenery is still prominent in the bunch! Bonus points for including berries and other non-traditional flowers that could be found in the forest!

And to top it all off, the perfect venue is one that is simple, rustic, and one with nature. 

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to join that party on the lake! What do you think? Has the woodsy bug bitten you?


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