Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Succulent Infused Wedding

I've decided to start highlighting different types of wedding styles. There are so many different looks and themes that your wedding can take on that you can really tailor your wedding to your personality and personal style! In lieu of Wedding Palette Wednesdays, I will be instead switching over to theme inspiration. Today's look is the ever popular and ever beautiful "succulent infused wedding." I may be inspired by my own succulent beauties I received from J for our 5 year dating anniversary... but that's just it, inspiration is everywhere!

Why do I like them? Because they look like little aliens :-) little beautiful aliens! So cute! Here are some lovelies!


When it comes to succulent cakes, I think the simpler, the better. A crisp white cake really makes those gorgeous desert dwellers pop!

1, 234

A few succulents added to any bouquet can create interest. They can be incorporated into traditional bouquets (such as the bottom left photo) or they can be used to create something really unique and modern such as the top two! The succulents mixed with the Billy Ball flowers (the yellow ones) are SO fun! And I love love love the boutineeres! They are just the cutest!


Why not let the kids have fun with succulents too? A moss and succulent ring bearer pillow is a fun detail as well as the basket full of them for the flower girl to carry!

Whether you add just a couple succulents or make your entire display out of them, they look great! That's what's so fantastic about succulents, they look beautiful on their own but also play nicely with others!

Something about the combination of moss and succulents makes my heart go a flutter! It's so otherworldly and romantic!


Succulents don't just come in green! They come also come in purple (which is also very popular) or you can have them dyed! I love the idea of giving away succulents as your favor! It's something that everyone can use and they'll look cute sitting on the guest tables! You can even use them as escort cards!

I hope you enjoyed looking through this succulentastic post as much as I liked creating it!


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