Sunday, July 8, 2012

Floral Free Centerpieces

I'm back again! Hopefully for good this time! I've been getting a lot of planning done in my absence but I've had my blog nagging at the back of my mind! Also, I just starting using photoshop so please cut me some slack on my collages while I'm learning how to use it! Hopefully once I get the hang of it, it will make the pictures easier to look at!

Today we're going to go through some ideas for floral free centerpieces. I met with my friend Julie last week to discuss all things wedding, and the topic of lower cost centerpieces came up. What do you do if you want a beautiful tablescape but don't want to pay thousands of dollars for flowers? There are endless options for flower free, or minimal flower, centerpieces. Those that I will showcase today are candles, pumpkins, balloons, and a surprise out of the box pick!

Candles can make beautiful centerpieces and really set the mood. The great thing about using candles as centerpieces is that once the lights are dimmed for dancing they will glow all night and create a romantic atmosphere. There are so many different ways you can incorporate candles and really make them statement pieces. Some easy and impactful ways to use candles are to use groupings of tall vases with differing heights with floating candles, use colored candles, or use interesting unique candle holders. The important thing to remember when creating a wow candle centerpiece is amount. One candle looks wimpy so to make a feature use several candles with alternating heights to add interest.

Candle centerpieces are great to add just a couple flowers to if you want that floral look without breaking the bank. An easy way to include flowers is to submerge a flower in each vase under a floating candle.

The centerpieces above are very easy to DIY. To get the look in the third image, you can check out flea markets for interesting shaped candle sticks. It doesn't matter what color or finish they're in because with a can of spray paint they can be whatever color you wish! To get the look in the fourth image, collect wine bottles throughout your engagement period, peel off the labels and you have yourself an impactful inexpensive centerpiece!

If you're having a fall wedding, a great way to have a floral free centerpiece that incoporates the season and is super cute is to use pumpkins! Some of my suggestions to use pumpkins in your decor are to put them on little pedestals, paint/carve/add glitter, or carve out the middle and put inexpensive blooms such as carnations inside and use them as a vase! Just like with the candles, to make this centerpiece spectacular you either need a plentiful number of pumpkins, or you need one big pumpkin with some oomph! 

1, 234 

This next flower-less tip is for a bold non-traditional bride. Tread carefully with this inspiration as it can go tacky really easily. Round balloons as opposed to the traditional oval ones look more elegant and unexpected. To make this tip look chic it is actually the opposite of candles and pumpkins, one big balloon makes a bigger impact and looks more pulled together (and less 3 year old birthday party) than a whole bunch. 
The large round white balloons look fun and pulled together. It's balloons, but not "in your face" balloons. 

These are amazing! I love them because they're gold (naturally) and bold! Plus, how easy would it be for guests to find their tables?!

This centerpiece breaks my rule of keeping it simple. It also borders on the edge of not being sophisticated enough for a wedding. But I like it because it incorporates other items into the bunch. By adding the tissue paper poms and varied sizes of balloons it makes this centerpiece look like a big bouquet of flowers rather than just a bunch of balloons! 

This one I just couldn't resist including! It is completely adorable and I want it!

These lace orbs are phenomenal! They look amazing and they are totally DIYable! I envision using them two different ways. #1 as you would regular balloons like outlined above or #2 clustered on the table. Have one bigger one with a grouping of three or five little ones piled next to it. These lace orbs will really get your guests talking about your event!


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