Sunday, February 5, 2012

Defining Yourself- Where Do You Register?

In an effort to spend more time together (and I mean real time, not J sitting on the floor painting models and me sitting on the couch pinteresting) we decided to hit up the mall for a nice walk and some chat time! While we were there we figured we might as well check out some of the stores to figure out where we might want to register. After eating copious amounts of fries and grilled chicken pita in the food court, we went to Macy's where I liked "grandma plates" and J liked "boring plates." He also pointed out every weird lion glass figurine to register for and so we concluded that maybe Macy's isn't for us.

I then dragged J over to the "other side" of the mall to look at Crate and Barrel. As soon as he saw what store we were going into, J resisted and said, "What? Why are we going in here? We're not 'Crate and Barrel people'!" (You should have heard the tone of disdain in which he said 'Crate and Barrel people'.) I finally managed to get him in there by promising that it's not the same as Potter Barn (much too beige). Once inside he loosened up a bit but as soon as I picked up a wooden salad bowl, there he was again defining what kind of "people" we are not. Apparently, we are not wood bowl kind of people.

This lead me to question, what kind of people are we? And how do we develop a registry when we've already been living together for 2 years and have most of the things we need?

Well the answer to the first question was determined shortly after the wooden bowl incident. We then meandered over to the furniture section. J found a bright orange two person chair and his love affair with Crate and Barrel began. 

Super cute, right? I want the grey one for my second bedroom I'm designing!

Well that was a relief, now I know that we are Crate and Barrel people, and we are definitely Target people. But where else do we register? And considering we already have a fully furnished place, what do we register for? After some research, here are my ideas:

1. Amazon Wedding Registry: - This registry allows you to add an "Add to registry" button to your web browser so that you can add items from any online shop to your registry! This will be perfect for us because I often get our stuff from etsy and other online shops! Plus, you can incorporate your other registries on this one because you can add items from Target or Crate and Barrel to it!

2. Honeymoon Registry: - This registry allows people to give you the gift of dinners or excursions on your honeymoon! Essentially, they are giving you money, but it's much more fun than that because they can go through and buy you a Hawaiian luau! Or, dinner at a fancy restaurant! Or a day on a catamaran!

3. Wishing Well: - This Registry is another registry where technically you are receiving cash as a gift, but like the honeymoon registry, your guests are contributing to a specific gift. On this website you list out the things you want or are saving for, such as a car, a house, furniture, etc (this would be a good place to put our Crate and Barrel chair!), and people can contribute towards one of those items!

With all of these great options, it looks like I'll be spending most of my time registering from my couch!

Happy Registering!


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