Sunday, March 4, 2012

Band of Lovers

I've been searching for inspiration for the symbol of love that will forever adorn my finger! Here's what I've been looking at! I'll let the rings speak for themselves!

$4,225 at

Well, I figured I might as well start out with a bang! Isn't this band gorgeous? I could never afford it, and it would totally upstage my engagement ring, but I can't stop staring at it!

$1,330 at

$1,043 at

These two are fantastic! They mirror my engagement ring style and are stunning on their own! I especially like how they're a little different than your typical wedding band.
$1,220 at
$700 at

The left one here is a pretty typical band. It would match the band of my engagement ring perfectly though! The right one is very different and I really like it!

$331 at shop
$188 at shop NetaJewelry

These two are some non diamond options. I love the symbolism of the right ring in that it's a "twist"! They're both pretty cool, but  they're more simple and understated which are two words that I would never use to describe myself! haha! 

$525 at shop
Jewerly by Garo

$525 at shop
Jewelry by Garo
I gotta say, I really love the ring on the left! And so affordable! The marquis diamonds are stunning. The left ring is comprised of channel set diamonds that go well with the channel set diamonds I have encircling my main oval diamond. 

This ring here is a look-alike to my engagement ring. I like this picture because it gives me a good idea of what my ring will look like with a band. And it provided me with some great insight. See how it looks like the main diamond and its surrounding diamonds are teetering off the side without the band? Well, I can't have that happen, it would drive me nuts! This leaves me with two choices: 1) take the band and engagement ring to a jeweler to have the top piece soldered onto the center of both the engagement and wedding band, or 2) get two wedding bands. Next are some stackable options I like to put on both sides of my engagement ring.

$571 (for one) from shop
$285 (for 5) at shop

These two are pretty similar to each other, just one has diamonds and the other doesn't! I love how delicate they both are!

$1,275 at shop TreasurlybyDima
 And this one I just had to add! Holy moly it's gorgeous! If I was deciding to wear only my wedding band after the wedding, this would be the winner!! But I would never even consider not wearing my engagement ring! I love it too much!

So what do you think? Which is your favorite?


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  1. I have the five gold bands from Etsy and I love them. I get compliments on them all the time. I found them right around our 5th wedding anniversary and thought they'd be perfect to represent 5 years! I wear them by themselves. My engagement and wedding band were platinum, so I wanted a gold option to wear too!