Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Blue and White

I've returned from the holy land!! Inspired by the Israeli flag colors, I have decided to do royal blue and white as this week's wedding palette! You can find your color palette inspiration from personal experiences and it will not only look great, but have special meaning to you! So, if you met in college, you can draw your  vision from your school colors! Or, if you're both passionate about a particular sports team, incorporating the team colors is a great way to bring personality into your day!

Let's start with some fashion inspiration!

Your man will be so happy if you choose royal blue and white as your colors. What guy doesn't like wearing blue? I love the royal blue tie with the grey suit. A statement necklace like the one here is a great POW in your wedding look to represent your colors! 


Look at these beautiful dresses! The great thing about choosing royal blue as your palette right now, is that it is a hot color out there! You can find your bridesmaid dresses in any regular shop because it has popped up everywhere! By finding your bridesmaid dresses in stores that aren't traditionally "bridesmaid dress" stores your maids can save a bundle!

There aren't a lot of naturally occurring royal blue flowers, so I think that these paper flowers are an adorable alternative! Very cost effective as well! 

But, if your heart is set on real blooms, this is a pretty option. I love the incorporation of the books in these centerpieces. It gives it a unique touch!

Ah, the paper suite! I'm loving both of these choices! The peacock feathers are a fun, flirty choice where as the lace is a classic, romantic alternative! 

I love how the blue and white make such a visual impact in this room! 

Don't forget to bring blue into your special touches! This sweets table is super cute and the escort card set up looks very easy to DIY and is a great way to incorporate your colors.

Sigh. Maggie Austin is a wedding cake rock star. Seriously, every cake she makes is phenomenal! Don't take my word for it! Check out her portfolio at link #12 below! 

12345678910 & 1112

I hope you enjoyed my Israeli addition of Wedding Palette Wednesdays!


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