Monday, January 30, 2012

Jewish-ish Wedding Traditions- The Chuppah

Hello all!

Today we have our next Jewish Tradition to dissect and determine if it's right for my wedding! The Chuppah! Probably the most well known feature of a Jewish wedding, the Chuppah is symbolic of the bride and groom's home. It is open on all four sides to represent hospitality. It is also a nod to Jews' nomadic history of living in tents. The Chuppah is empty of "things" to serve as a reminder that home is the people that you care about, not possessions. All in all, I think it's a great tradition! I love the history that goes along with it! Plus they look gorgeous!! Here are some of my favorites!

 Can you imagine the time it took to make all of these pinwheels and kites! Makes quite an impact!

 This one is beautifully understated! 
 How unbelievably fantastic is this one!!
 These two aren't technically chuppah's but they make lovely nontraditional options 

Love the birch wood

 They're so wonderfully romantic! 
This one adds a bit of color! 
But as for me, I want a chuppah made entirely of baby's breath! So soft and fluffy!

Two for two on including Jewish wedding traditions!


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