Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shoe Vision

My shoe vision is coming in gold and glitzy!

I love how shoes give a bride the opportunity to customize her style! It's a great way to add a pop of color that's not totally visible all day long. I've also seen brides use their shoes as their "something blue." I on the other hand- I want to use my shoes to add some glitz and glam! Or, some romance. Deciding between two different directions, although who says glitz can't be romantic!?! Here are some of my favorite heels!

 These rose gold heels are fantastic! They would accentuate my engagement ring beautifully! Unfortunately, they're Brian Atwood and are therefore a little too rich for my wallet!
 These heels have a romantic vibe to them. I really love the softness.
 Now THESE have glitz! 

 Chunky rose gold glitter! 

 These are Bella Swan's wedding shoes! Absolutely stunning!

I love the nude shoes with a glittery heel! A shimmery surprise from behind!

Now these babies steal the show! They are art deco glamour at its best! I very much covet these!! Unfortunately, they are Louboutins and cost a pretty penny! 

I would be a lucky girl to have any of the above heels to wear on my wedding day! However, I've decided to take a flatter route! I am not a heel girl. I almost never wear them, and when I do wear them I end up kicking them off as soon as possible! I do not want to be standing up there, lovingly gazing into my almost-husband's eyes, and be thinking... "Ow, my feet hurt! I love yo---- owwww my feet! I am so happy righ--- dear lord when can I take my shoes off?" so I've decided to find some fancy flats! This also works out because J's only 4 inches taller than me, so if I had heels on I'd almost be as tall as him! Although, in flats I'm going to look like a munchkin next to my bridesmaids! So here is some flat inspiration!

Very cute and romantic! 

 See, flats can have glitz and glam too!
A little bit of rose gold sparkle

 These are pretty unique! And they look very comfortable!
Ah, these were going to be the "ones" until I discovered they cost $540. So delicate, so pretty!

Another shoe related wedding trend I am loving is decorating the bottom of your shoes! I have seen this done many ways. Some brides have their bridesmaids sign words of love and encouragement on the bottom of their shoes. Others, will stick sequins underneath that spell out "I DO". Here's an especially cute pair! 

I can't wait to find my perfect shoes to dance the night away in!


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  1. Good luck with the shoe hunt! I love the sparkly options, esp that pair of pointed toe flats :)