Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Things First, Color Palette

I think most of us girls know the type of color palette we will want at our wedding years before we're even engaged! So naturally, this was the first decision I made about my wedding after the question was popped!

There are so many great choices out there! One of the favorites out in the blog-o-sphere lately has been blush tones which I think looks amazing! I mean really, check these out!
source unknown

So pretty! So feminine! I love how this next wedding takes the blush tones and updates it a bit with the sparing use of red. Who doesn't love a pop of red?

BUT if my blog colors are any indication... I am not going in the blush pink direction. I am a purple girl through and through! The color palette I will be draping our day in is magenta/violet, pale blue, and gold! I tried searching on a great palette resource website ( to find an example of the palette, but alas it does not quite exist! So let me paint the palette with pictures!
This is the general idea. The bottom color will be more of a shiny gold, and I won't be including the top and third color, but the magenta and blue are right on! From
I think that palette is very rich and fun! I'm very excited at putting everything together to make it come alive!

There are so many gorgeous palettes out there and I'm just happy to have put together one that best suits my style and personality! Since there are so many different fabulous pairings of colors to make any wedding lovely, I think I may try to make pretty palette Wednesdays to inspire some mid-week posts out of me!


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