Friday, January 13, 2012

Ring Bling!

Well, it finally happened! My long time beau FINALLY got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! As a girl who adores her man and is fascinated by weddings, I could not have been any more thrilled! Especially when he showed me that he can take a hint and presented me with this beauty!

Who would say no to this? Right? 

 I actually spotted this beauty on Pinterest months ago. When I stumbled upon it doing some rose gold ring googling my jaw dropped when I saw that it was actually affordable! Obviously, my next move was to lovingly email the link to J! Thank goodness he picks up on subtle (or not so subtle) hints!

The background story on how we met: Picture me in khaki capris, a Spartan green polo, and my curly hair running wild! Attractive, no? Well it must have been to a cutie in aviators and a Tigers hat because before I knew it we were bantering and he was just generally being annoying. Aw, love at first sight! Ha, we actually worked together at Michigan State University's Freshman Orientation Program. We had the mind numbing task of setting up Freshman with their placement tests and then watching them test away! A broken down car, a ride to work later, and we were starting our relationship! Fast forward 4.5 years later and we live together in an awesome townhouse, with 2 cute kitties, and are planning our wedding!

My fiance's last name is Twist which explains my blog title! I'm looking very much forward to becoming Mrs. Dana Twist! Some things about me: I LOVE rose gold, eclectic design, chevrons, Moroccan design, piggy banks, romantic flowers, travelling, violins, brown leather, oh yeah and weddings! I many many more loves but you'll have to keep on reading to find out!

Oh, you want to see one more picture of the ring? Ok!!

Hanging out on top of Glitter Pig


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