Thursday, December 6, 2012

Groomsmen Style

Time to get down to business and talk about the men's fashion. I know that most of my blog is about pretty things and dresses and hair and flowers... but the guys deserve to have their moment in the sun!

I personally like when the groom's look is noticeably different from his groomsmen. And I'm not talking just a different colored vest and tie, I'm talking a completely different suit. After all, the bride gets to look completely different from her bridesmaids! The groom should get to stand out as well. 

I am really loving the grey look. It's a bit more casual than black but is still refined. Plus, I think it will look fantastic with my plum bridesmaids! I asked J if he would prefer to wear light grey or dark grey. He said he'd like to go light which I think is great because it will really draw the eye to him! 

Here are my favorite images of mismatched grooms and their men!

Sexy yet playful, right? 

We went out to look at tuxes a few weeks ago and made the final decision! For J, we're going with a light grey Calvin Klein tux. And the guys will be rocking charcoal grey Vera Wang tuxes! We're renting them through Men's Warehouse and had a really great experience with them! The gal helping us was super cute and fun and made us feel comfortable to ask any questions and express our opinions! She had some really great pointers as well. And the great thing about their pricing is that it is itemized. I thought that there would just be a tux rental price that included everything and that would be that. Nope! Since we aren't going to be using a vest, cumber bun, or shoes we didn't have to pay for them! That definitely helped to keep costs reasonable for our favorite men! 

Naturally, since my dress is ivory, all of the guys will be wearing ivory shirts under their suits. The groomsmen will be wearing light blue ties (much like the color of the guy in picture #1 below). I love the color of tie we picked out! It's very light and almost bordering on the green side. They're going to look so great! J and I discussed different options for his tie. Originally I was thinking he would wear a plum tie but I decided it would be too busy. I'd also like for us to look more classic in the pictures of just the two of us and leave the wedding colors out of it. I gave him the choice of a gold tie or ivory and he's going with ivory. He thinks it has a very vintagey look. I just got to see him try on the suit jacket and Oooooh I can't wait to see him in the entire ensemble! I am marrying one sexy man! 


The final touch, of course, is the flowers! To go with my girls, I'm going to give the guys babies breath bouts. I think it is simply adorable! They'll be wrapped in copper wire and I'm debating whether or not to throw a little swath of fabric behind them for a pop of pattern! 

For J, he gets one purple bloom. To butch it up a little bit we'll add a sprig of muscari (the blue flower below). 

 1/ 23/4

And there you have it! The men will be stunningly stylish in their own right and not just the frame for the girls! We have a couple surprises up our sleeve with the men's attire, but you'll have to wait until after the wedding to find out what that is!


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