Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Glitter Makes the Cake Go 'round

In case you haven't noticed, I don't like to do things unless they make sense to me. Things like "you have to register for fine china because one day 10 years from now you might NEED it and then what will you do?" and "you have to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen!!" make my eyes roll so much I think they might roll right out of my head! So when I was told that I have to have a special cake knife and server just to cut our wedding cake with, I balked something fierce! Then I ignored that gem of advice and moved on with my life. I intended to email the caterer or baker to see if they have something we could cut the cake with. I mean, am I going to use this special engraved cake serving set again? No! When I eat cake at home (which let's be honest never happens since I'm Ms. Healthy) I cut it with a butter knife. And IF I don't just consume said cake standing up at the kitchen counter (because as I mentioned, I never have cake so when I do I go nuts!), I can move it to my plate with a fork, the butter knife, or a spatula if I'm feeling crazy.


I came across this glittery set of perfection! Whaaaa??? They make cake knives and cake servers in GOLD GLITTER??? Sign. Me. Up. I will absolutely use these in my every day life after the wedding! Umm they're made of gold glitter. I'll be using them to cut my meatloaf and serve up my mashed potatoes! Any excuse will do!

Tragically, I went to buy these beauties and they're out of stock! I have emailed the shop owners and plead with them to restock!! So, to be continued on whether or not I can actually cut my cake in style.

Update: The shop that I found these on emailed me back and said they were out of stock for the season. Wah wah... BUT THEN!!! I found them on and snatched them up!! Woooo!


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