Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 Month Countdown

That's right. 4 months to go. I can't believe it! For so long, my wedding has felt SO FAR AWAY!! I guess that's what being engaged for over a year will do to you! But now it is really creeping up on me!

Since my hard drive crashed and burned on Christmas Eve (back up people. It is SO important!!) and I don't have my new hard drive yet... blog posts will be at a minimum this week. No fancy photoshopped collages for me. But since it is exactly 4 months until I say 'I do' I thought I'd break down my to do list!

All of the vendors are booked. We have our venue, caterer, photographer, florist, DJ, baker, quartet, officiant, and hair/makeup stylists! Whew, that's a lot!! I already have my dress, accessories, our invitations, the girls' dresses, the tuxes are picked out, and the linens. So what could possibly be left? Um. A lot. I've broken it down into categories so it's easier to digest!

Ceremony Related:
- Finish writing ceremony and vows (this is a BIG one! I am super lucky that I backed up my computer AFTER writing the majority of our ceremony because if I hadn't I'd still be a puddle of tears on the ground)
- Order our Ketubah (I've picked it out, just need to actually put down the money and order it!)
- Order my wedding band (Again, I've picked it out, I just need to order and pay! Oooh and for those of you who gave your opinions, thank you much! I'm going with the twist band after all. Hopefully I don't roll my eyes at myself in 10 years when I'm used to my new name!)

Paper Related:
- Choose, design, and order our wedding programs.
- Choose, design, and order our seating chart (after people RSVP of course!)
- Choose (or design) signage and get it printed (more on this at some point. Now that I'm getting handy with photoshop, I might be able to pull off designing my own wedding signs and will only have to pay to print them!)
- DIY our invitation envelop liners (supplies are purchased, just need to actually make them!)

Decor Related (this is the BIG category):
- Source and purchase paper lanterns
- Craft other hanging delights (oh, and decide what exactly I want to craft!)
- Determine what sort of vessel I will have out to collect cards from our guests
- Find the vessel I want for our guest book (vague on purpose. Don't want to spoil the surprise!)
- Craft the big letters we'll have strewn about
- Settle on a centerpiece design (I have an idea in my head that I've talked to our florist about but I need to fine tune it)
- Design the family picture area where we'll have family wedding pictures and other pictures out
- Create slide show to run during dinner (in the background while people are eating)
- Source and buy easels (and frames) for the previously mentioned signage
- Source and buy numbers for our table numbers (Ha! The number part might be important, eh?)
- Decide whether or not I want to have table runners on the tables (and if so, source and perhaps DIY them)
- Think up some cocktail hour decor (and then craft it)
- DIY (or purchase) some fun photo booth props (this one might fall off of my list as the photo booth guy is already bringing his own props)
- Make ribbon wands for people to wave during the recessional

Vendor Meetings:
- Makeup Trial (and a second trial of my up-do)
- Space Planning meeting at our venue
- Lighting meeting at our venue
- Signature drink meeting
- Florist meeting (with a sample of one of our centerpieces!)
- Phone meeting with our DJ
- Put together photography inspiration and 'must have' shots and send off to our photographer
- Email quartet with finalized song choices for the ceremony

Misc. :
- Get dress altered (oh yeah, and figure out who it is I'm going to hire to do the alterations...)
- Finalize the time table for the day (and distribute to those that need to be 'in the know')

Ok, so this post was more for me to keep myself organized than to entertain my lovely readers. It's likely that no one has actually made it this far and is still reading... but now I can direct people here when they continue to say to me "oh but you're so ahead of the game you must have NOTHING left to do for the wedding..." Yes, yes, I know all comments wedding related are well meant. But I do actually have a lot left to do.

Things to tackle in the short run (i.e. hopefully this weekend):
- Make the envelope liners
- Find the paper lanterns I want
- Hit up Michael's for supplies for further crafting


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