Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hanukkah Decor

It's time for my Hanukkah post! Every year it is frustrating to me the amount of Christmas decorations out there and the significant lack of Hanukkah decorations. Thus, I wanted to come up with some ideas for what us Jews can do to bring in that holiday feeling! Decorations aren't as important to Hanukkah as they are to Christmas but as you know, I love to decorate and will use any excuse to do so! Here's my guide to decorating for the Festival of Lights!

Everyone knows the star of Hanukkah is the menorah! You can't celebrate without it! The menorah represents the miracle that we celebrate. The story goes that as the Macabees were preparing to rededicate the Second Temple they only had one day's worth of olive oil to keep the menorah burning. The menorah needed to stay burning all day and all night. The one day's worth of oil burned for 8 days which allowed enough time to make more olive oil and keep the menorah burning from then on!

Here are some beautiful and fun menorah's that will be the show stopper of your holiday celebration!


Since there aren't lot of Hanukkah lovelies out there to purchase, going hand crafted is the best way to get beautiful, unique decor. I love the idea of cut out banners, paper chains, and window stickies!


One place where Hanukkah can really go full force is the table! It's all about the food! Latkes anyone? The glitter dreidels are wonderful and so fun! They can be used in many different ways to create decor. Those festive serving platters are actually from Crate & Barrel, so you can find some Hanukkah products at familiar stores. 


There are so many great ways to make Hanukkah fun for kids! My absolute favorite thing to do when I was young (besides open my presents, naturally!) was to put the felt flame on the menorah every night! I adore the huge "life sized" menorah! Your kids can help you collect twigs for your large scale Star of David and as a reward they can eat Hanukkah cake pops! If you have a whole bunch of little ones coming over for your Hanukkah party, make them act as the menorah! They'll love getting involved and wearing something silly on their heads! And the glitter rhino menorah? Obsessed. 


Finally, this is the most fantastic mantel decor for Hanukkah I've ever seen! So playful! The "Oy" instead of the Christian traditional "Joy" cracks me up!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!!


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