Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Ring"ing in the New Year

Alright my friends, since you were super helpful when I came to you with my cake dilemma (an update post on that soon!) I thought I'd ask for help again. I'm having a difficult time choosing a wedding band. My engagement ring is super unique and quite the stunner so I'm going for an understated look for my band. I'm actually hoping it'll mostly not be noticed. Since one of the things I love about my engagement ring is its skinny band, I don't want to chunk the look up by adding a large wedding band. Here are a couple pictures of my engagement ring.

I've narrowed down my wedding band options to the following 2:

Option #1: A little different but not too prominent to compete with my engagement ring. Also, I think it's kinda cute that it's a twist ring and that will be my new last name! 

Option #2: Hammered rose gold. Even more understated than the first option. It'll go nicely up against my engagement ring and definitely won't compete. 

So please help me out!! Vote for your favorite in the comment section! 



  1. Tough choice!!! From the pictures it looks like the color of the twist one will go better with your ring, but I like the look of the hammered one a little better. I think both are great options, but if I had to choose I'd probly go with the hammered.

  2. i like the simple look to the hammered, but the play on words is pretty hard to pass up.