Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blog Room Redesign

Confession time. When we first moved into our townhouse I did a very bad and ugly thing. I painted the walls of our second bedroom like this:


I had been watching a lot of David Bromstad's Color Splash (who I still love, by the way, but maybe his style isn't my personal style anymore...) and this was supposed to be my exercise room so I wanted a bright environment to get my sweat on! Turned out I did most of my exercising at the gym and this room became such an eyesore to me I avoided it at all costs! 

When I started blogging and wedding planning I decided to make over the room to be my "blogging room." It also will serve the purpose of being the room that my ladies and I get ready in for my wedding! It has the best light in the whole townhouse and was a blank canvas for me to bring in some of the design elements I've really been loving lately! The room is still in progress but has most of the bones in place! Here's what it looks like now:


So much better, right? We still have a hit of orange with that chair and a half, which was J's doing (the man loves orange, what can I say?). I absolutely love the grey walls. They make the room feel sophisticated and will be a nice backdrop from the gallery wall I'm working on putting up!

I'm going for a bit of a Moroccan vibe in here. Not overpowering, but just hits of it like the "poof", the rug, and some Moroccan lanterns. I plan on bringing in a few more elements to tie the whole theme together.

The cats were complaining that they never make it onto my blog, so to appease them I've included this photo which also shows off my new side table from Urban Outfitters!

Since this is going to be a getting ready room I obviously had to bring in a huge mirror to check myself out in! I actually really love it there for everyday use as well.

I'm still working on the styling of everything but all of the large pieces are in place. Seating? Check. End tables? Check. Rug? Check. Mirror? Check. Lighting? Half Check.

This is my favorite little vignette in our house house. I still need to get one of our engagement pictures printed for that frame though. I love how fun those little air plants in their sea urchent shells are!

And there you have it! The whole room as it is now. See my scratch off travel map? I can't wait to scratch more and more off of it!

Things still needed to complete the room:
Gallery Wall (I have some of the art maybe about 7 pieces or so but I have much more to go!)
Throw Blanket (hard to find one that the cats won't eat...)
Additional lamp (the room has no overhead lighting so it's quite dark at night even with my awesome flea market lamp)

First up are the curtains. Since this is the room in the house with the most light, I want to make sure that I don't get anything too dark or heavy. I want to maximize the light! Also, the windows are behind a table and in front of a closet so I've decided not to get a curtain that goes all the way to the floor. Somehow that almost feels too fancy for the room as well. These Urban Outfitters curtains are perfect because they are just long enough to cover the window and are light and airy so they'll dress up the room and work for privacy but will let the light through. I like how the top two bunch up. The bottom two would need to have a tie to pull them off to the side when I want to see out of the windows. Right now I'm digging the subtle damask pattern of the top right curtain. I also really love that the bottom left curtain keeps with the Moroccan theme without going overboard.

The next set of curtains don't fit with the look of my room but I had to include them because they're so cute! Love those polka dots (naturally) and the floral pattern!

Ok, now it's time to talk pillows. Right now my beautiful peacock sofa is looking rather lonely. She needs some friends. The pillows I have sitting on the couch below are my personal favs right now. The left two pillows bring the Moroccan vibe up off of the floor and onto the sofa. I like the hit of orange on this couch so that the chair and a half doesn't feel like a lonely moment as the only orange in the room!

The pillows below the couch are great too but don't exactly fit the bill of what I'm looking for.

Couch: source

I'm tired of dragging my comforter over from my bedroom to snuggle with when I hang out in this room so I definitely need a throw! Finding one that I like AND that is a material that the cats won't eat or tear up (no wool or anything with tassels) is a hard task! I'm registered for this baby and I have my fingers crossed that some lovely lady will get it for me for my shower! I've found other options that I've liked before but they've all sold out before I got a chance to get them! Loving the ikat pattern of this one, it's the perfect color to drape over my velvet sofa and it's a cat safe material!

I mentioned earlier how dark this room gets at night. If I'm in there for too long reading or working on my computer I start to be unable to see straight! I need a bit of task lighting and this pharmacy lamp from Lamps Plus will do the trick!

Don't worry, I didn't forget that Mr. Big Orange needs some pillow love too! This chair and a half is sooo comfy and it didn't even need breaking in! Since the back cushion is super cushiony (not a word) I think just one pillow will do. I like this color blocked blue one to bring over the sofa color.

On couch: color block

Once I have those finishing touches (and the gallery wall which needs its own post) the room will be ready for me to get ready in!

What do you think? Any of those curtains tickle your fancy? Do you like some of my "extra" pillows more than the ones I've chosen?


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