Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Funday

Hi All,

I'm baaaaack! I will explain my long absence in a future blogpost but today is all about Sunday Funday!

One of our favorite Sunday activities is to take a leisurely stroll through the local flea markets! As a girl who is obsessed with all things Emily Henderson, I often dream of being a thrifty flea market shopper and finding Emily worthy pieces! Unfortunately, where Emily lives in L.A. home of THE amazing flea markets, I live in Michigan where they aren't so plentiful. However, this makes finding a great piece that. much. more. exciting!!

Usually I wander through and find a few things that are pretty cool but don't pull the trigger often. Back last fall, I found the find of the decade! I went to a crazy flea market in Warren which is really more of a junk pile. I was rewarded by finding a beautiful brass lamp that would probably retail for $300 for $20!! That's right, I paid twenty dollars for this beauty!

It is such a fun statement piece! During that same trip I also picked up a couple of brass Moroccan tea light holders.

Since then I haven't really found anything that tickled my fancy until today. It was actually J's idea to go to the Royal Oak flea market so I was thrilled! We had a great time looking through the aisles inside and out (the best stuff is always outside). We found a dealer with some truly phenomenal furniture pieces that I will definitely be buying when we (one day) have a house! He is an industrial designer that mixes a lot of metal and wood. There was a wooden palette coffee table on castors that it killed me to walk away from! Check him out at this website!

Here's a look at the fun we had at the market!

That chandelier is stunning! I almost horded it for the future when we get a house, but I knew J would not be excited about storing it in the basement. Also, I do not need to be spending a couple hundred dollars on something I can't use right now! But man is she pretty! I love that Michigan State College Orchestra sign! It is so cute! And really special to me since I used to be in the MSU Orchestra! I didn't snatch it up but I might go back for it! 

The mirrored trays that I found were a major score for me! I've been meeting with florists for the wedding over the past couple of weeks (more on that in a later post) and one of the centerpiece concepts that I want is a grouping of little vases with blooms on a mirrored tray. My current favorite florist only has silver trays (and I haven't seen them so I don't know if they're beautiful and vintagey looking or completely 80s and horrible). When I saw these lovelies I knew I had to have them! 

#1 I am absolutely going to use them in the wedding. There are others so I'll be going back to purchase a few more as well. 
#2 A good tray is a staple in interior design. It's what makes a grouping of objects look grounded and purposeful. I've already styled up the oval tray in my new "blog room" and it looks great! 

Best part? I got both trays for $25!! Yeah it's crazy and it makes me so happy!! 

After the flea market I conned J into running some other errands with me. We stopped at the book store because I wanted to pick up some new beautiful books to help fill out my new room. In particular I was looking for the Design Sponge at Home book. Design Sponge is this fantastic design blog that I've been following for years. Their book is so beautiful on the outside and in, and I knew I wanted to add it to my collection! I bought one for a dear friend back in April and have been envious ever since! 

While we were perusing the aisles, J pointed out this adorable collection of old story book classics. 

He loved them, I loved them, and we knew we just had to have them! They are completely multi purpose (which, if you couldn't tell, is something that I just love)! They are gorgeous looking, the perfect thing for styling table surfaces, bookshelves, etc. They are stories from our childhoods that I just can't wait to read again! And then one day, (a long time from now, Mom!!) they will be treasured favorites that we can use to decorate a nursery and have story time. (J actually pointed that out, though it was clearly already going through my head as well!) So in typical overboard Dana fashion, we bought them ALL! Yes, we're a little nuts but they were only $10 a book so why not! And they are really just so lovely. I'm so happy to have them!

They're bound leather and have metallic edging on the pages. Naturally, the gold one (Alice in Wonderland) is my favorite! They have beautiful illustrations on the inside. It will be so fun to go through and read all of these great stories! Some of them I never read when I was a kid so it'll be something new! 

They are all consistent in their design except for two special ones: Alice in Wonderland and The Little Women.

I mean, look at those gorgeous inside covers! 

So all in all, I'd say it was a very successful Sunday Funday! What about you? Have you ever had a flea market steal? 


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