Sunday, April 8, 2012

WPW- Easter Edition- Pastels!!

I know you're all so disappointed that I missed this week's Wedding Palette Wednesday! So I have decided to put out an Easter addition! Not only are pastels an Easter staple, but they are a very popular trend in the fashion world right now! You could always pick one pastel color and go with it... but I happen to like them all mixed together! It makes your wedding very multidimensional! Let the inspiration roll....

These bouquets are right up my alley! So lovely, and bunched together in an undone way! The one on the left is one of my all time favorite bouquets! 

Love the mix of pastels in this centerpiece with the gold vessel. They really compliment each other!

Mmmm.... cake! The one on the left is the perfect combination of all ranges of pastels. The cake on the left is more traditional.

Oooh Ellie Saab, you do wonderous things! If you're a brave bride and not attached to the white dress, a pretty yellow is a gorgeous non traditional way to go! 

These invitations are pretty great! Light and dainty- gets your guests feeling the mood prior to your event!

Ribbons!! Such a fun accessory! The picture on the left comes from a friend of mine's blog! Molly has a fantastic eye and is an incredible designer! We met on our Europe trip and I have been an admirer ever since! Please check out her blog, Glitter and Rye at link #8 below!

Don't leave your bridesmaids out!! All skin colors and types will look great in pastels! Either variations of the same shade such as the left picture, or different but complimentary colors such as in the right picture look great!

A splash of pastel on your nails is the finishing touch!

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Happy Easter!

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