Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY Decor

Happy Weekend!

Something I struggle with is how much of my own wedding ideas do I want to put on this blog. It is my wedding blog after all, but I don't want to give away everything! BUT, this DIY element that I am including in my wedding, was debuted in our engagement shoot. (Don't worry, I'll post about that as soon as I get the images from our amazing photographer at So I don't think I'll be giving away anything by showing how I took the items in our engagement shoot and will re-purpose and add to them!

When thinking about projects that I wanted to incorporate into our wedding, I had to think of simple things that I can accomplish. I'm not super "crafty" so it had to be something easy enough that I could do! I came up with the idea of using yarn and glitter letters after some inspiration from the wedding blogs, of course! The concept is definitely easy, but the execution was very time intensive! But, I plopped myself down in front of some favorite TV shows (over the course of days) and got to wrapping the yarn around the letters! It was a very inexpensive project to do. Just the cost of the letters (about $4 each from Michael's), the yarn, and some glitter! I will say that my fiancee pitched in to make the glitter letters happen! He's the crafty one of this couple! I think they came out great!! They look stunning in the pictures that our photographer took (sneak peak of one right below!) and they look pretty darn good in person too!

Here are the yarn letters and glitter heart we used in our engagement session. This photo is courtesy of Jeffrey, our photographer, the man who makes us look good! These we are going to re-purpose and hang together from J's and my chairs for dinner! 

The rest of these photos are courtesy of me, from our backyard. Not quite the same pizzazz but they still look pretty cute! 

I was able to wrap the yarn to cover most of the letters on by itself. Around the corners I needed some help from a hot glue gun. 

Our venue has two different floors, and therefore two different bars. Actually, it has multiple bars- two in the reception space, one outdoors, and one in the cocktail hour space. I've only made these two sets so far, and will probably leave it at that. We can always set one up in the cocktail space and then carry it over to the reception space! It's all about multi-purpose! 

We will be placing these on (you guessed it) the bar to add a little glamour!

I hope you like my first DIY project! I have a feeling there will be others in my future! What else do you think I could use the yarn and glitter letters for?



  1. Love this project! I like that you'll be mixing the glitter and yarn because I love complementary textures. I wrapped a wine bottle in bright yarn last week for a test-run of sorts and the results weren't perfect, but it is definitely a possibility for funky reception decor. I will post on it soon so you can see if it would be a useful idea for you..?

  2. Thanks! Your bottle project sounds great! Did you try gluing the yarn?