Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Palette Wednesday! Coral

Hello palette-etts! It may be late, but I didn't forget about you! Tonight's color delicacy is coral! Love love love this color! So versatile, it goes well with many other colors. My favorites are pairings with light blue, seafoam green, or just with white! Here it is in all of its glory!

Pow! I thought I'd open it up with a bang! This is such a lovely nail color! I really am holding myself back from running out to the store to buy coral nail polish right now!

Complimented by the seafoam green in this inspiration board! Great pairing!

Poppies! Love how eccentric, delicate, and unexpected these flowers are all bunched together!

Look at these lovely maids! Oooh I love bridesmaids that "go" and don't "match"!

Looks completely at home on the beach. 

Cute details make all of the difference.

Why not match your signature drink to your wedding palette? In this case, it looks delicious!

Add a gaggle of balloons!

These cakes are just really too cute! How could you cut into them?

Still really digging this beachy vibe! 

Totally and completely in love with these invites! They are adorable! And I love how the color is just an accent, it doesn't hit you in the face with coral, but it's there. And the envelope? To die for!

A cute pair of vintage heels are the perfect accent to your coral day!

12345, (sorry can't find 6's source!), 78 & 9101112


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  1. Love the coral nailpolish! I think we are on the same wavelength bc I just pinned a coral swatch with the word "coral" on it...I think it's such an intrinsically happy color!