Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY Scallop Art

It's time for another fun DIY art project! 

I've been drooling over this picture I found on pinterest for a loooong time now!

Fantastic, right? When I started brainstorming pieces I could accomplish on my own for my gallery wall, this was at the top of my list! It was actually pretty easy to figure out how to make it and to execute.

Supply list:

It only takes a few supplies. I purchased a circle cutter from Michael's, which was a major time savor, and I'll be using it for wedding projects as well! I bought three sheets of gold metallic construction paper however, only 2 are pictured because I had to go back for the third mid-project! Also not pictured is a plain piece of 11x17 construction paper to use as my base.

Step 1: Use your circle cutting tool to cut out your circles. Make sure to line the tool up so that the entire circle is on the paper. Also, to maximize your paper, line up the tool as close to the edges as possible. You'll want to do this on a flat hard surface. The tool does scratch underneath the construction paper so I would suggest doing it on top of a craft board or an old plastic place mat so you don't scratch up your table. Press down hard with your circle tool and spin it around a couple times to get a clean cut.

Keep going until you have all of your circles cut out. Note: this is time intensive even with the circle cutting tool. It takes some time to line up the circles each time. I did this all while watching the Sex and the City movie so I didn't mind putting in the time!

Step 2: Glue down your circles. Now for full disclosure, and to show that you may need to rethink things mid-project, I'll show you what I did first that ended up not being successful. Then I'll show you what ended up working so you don't have to rethink things while doing your project! I started out using a glue tape tool to glue the circles down onto my white construction paper. 

Once I glued down a few rows I lifted up my piece of construction paper to move it and all of my circles fell off. Womp womp...

Luckily, J had a ton of white glue on hand so I switched over to that. (Sorry for the burry picture, but I think you all know what white glue looks like!)

I used a paint brush to adhere the glue to the back of my circles. Make sure to only paint the top half of the circle so that the next row can slide underneath. For the top row I used another piece of paper to make sure I was lining the circles up straight. After that, you can wing it and not be so meticulous. Also, make sure your first row of circles hangs off the top a little to give the scalloped or scale effect.

Here's what it looked like in progress. Continue gluing only the top half of your circles and slipping them underneath the row above in a scalloped pattern. (Yes, I was also enjoying a lovely glass of wine while crafting and watching Sex and the City. Perfect evening!)

Now that the entire piece of paper is covered, the project is almost done! 

Step 3: Grab a pair of scissors to cut off the edges of your circles. 

This was done easily by flipping the art over and cutting along the edge.

And there you have it! I would love to do this on a much larger scale one day. 


Just stick your piece of art in a frame and you have a lovely addition to any room!