Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cake Update

Happy Saturday!

It's time to check back in for an update on our cake situation! Everyone was so awesome by weighing in with their ideas on which cake design we should go with! After all of the input I was pretty sure that we were going to go with the option that mimicked my favorite wallpaper. Then we met our fantastic bakers and they really elevated the design of our cake! We're going with Sweet Heather Anne who has the cutest shop in Ann Arbor. We had such a great experience meeting with them! It started when they called me back to set up our appointment. Rachel, the business manager, called and asked me a survey of fun questions to get to know my taste and style! Some of the questions included "if you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life what would it be?" and "What did you have for dinner last night". It was so fun answering all of the questions! They also asked for my pinterest handle so they could get a feel for the style of wedding I'm planning. I mean, talk about being prepared! I actually gave them my blog address so they could review the "Personal Cake Dilemma" post I wrote. 

Meeting with Heather Anne (the owner of the shop and the artist behind it) was such a wonderful experience! She had, in fact, read my blog post and created some drawings of cakes incorporating all 3 of the ideas I was trying to decide between! I was seriously so impressed! They were also really nice about staying within my budget. When the first cake she designed went above she emailed me 3 other drawings at 3 different price points for me to choose from. I honestly can't say enough about our experience with Sweet Heather Anne. 

The final cake design we are going with mixes the "tendrils" of the Cate Blanchett dress I like, with the wallpaper print. I can't wait to see it! Now, I'll let Heather Anne's work speak for itself! She is so talented and I feel very lucky to be able to have her design the cake for our wedding! 

Oh yeah, and their cake tastes amazing too! We are going with a choice of two flavors: Strawberry vanilla or Caramel Praline Crunch with maple butter cream frosting. 

This art deco cake is absolutely stunning. I am in love with that scallop detail

Gold flowers are good with me any time!

Favorite, favorite cake ever! After seeing this cake I was tempted to scrap our cake design and copy this one! Although I have a feeling it'd be out of our price range! The fascinator on the top is to die for!

I think this painterly cake is super cute! Great birch cake stands too!

Those ruffles are so delicate!

This is a glorious sweets table!

Love this simple but adorable cake!

Love birds are the perfect topper to a wedding cake!

And of course, had to include the chevron cake!

So, what do you think of our baker's work? Can't wait to show you the final product of our cake!


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