Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Fabric Art

This is my last DIY art post for a while. My gallery wall is almost ready to go up! I can't wait to show you the result when it's completed! I've been busy crafting many wedding projects lately. Don't worry, I've been documenting the process as I've been going along so I can share all of the step by step details after my wedding! 

Today we are making some quick art using canvas and some fabric I had lying around.


- Canvas. I bought mine at Michael's. I decided to get four small canvases to group together instead of one large canvas but the concept works with either! 
- A fun patterned fabric. Mine was left over from our engagement session picnic basket, so a freebie for me!
- Staple Gun (borrowed from my future mother-in-law)

Step #1 (not pictured)- Cut down your fabric to size. If you have one large canvas, this is fairly easy. Just pull your fabric over the canvas to get the pattern centered how you like it and then give it a trim! For my four canvases, I'd like to say that I lined everything up perfectly and made careful cuts. But, this was my third DIY project for the day so I just made sure I was cutting enough to cover each canvas and went for it!

Step #2- Line up your fabric and use your staple gun to staple the fabric to the back of the canvas. Do this to the opposite sides and then move to Step #3.

Step #3- To make sure you have tight corners, fold the fabric over the canvas like you would a present on the remaining two sides. Then staple them down. See? Easy peasy.

Here's the final product. Even without having the foresight to lay my fabric out before I cut it, I managed to line it up nicely!

Here's a recap of the other DIY art projects I have under taken. These beauties will add some fun (and inexpensive) character to my gallery wall!

If you want to check out the other How-Tos for these art pieces, follow the links:


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