Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitchen Upgrade

Remember when I mentioned in my first post about the updated lady lounge that when we first moved in to our townhouse I went a little color crazy? Well, that wasn't just contained to the second bedroom... Back in 2010 the "it" color was apple green and thus I thought it would be a really great idea to use it to paint our tiny kitchen. It was definitely bright! Unfortunately, since the space is so small it made it feel even smaller. And it really made that lame "back splash" panel behind the oven stand out. I loved the color for the first year we lived here, but have been becoming increasingly annoyed with it over the last 2. So I decided it was time for a tiny tweak! It's amazing to me how a small, easy, and inexpensive change like paint color can completely transform a room! The only things changed in this kitchen were the paint color, the dish towels, and the utensil holder and it looks like a whole new room!

 What do you think of the new color? Here are some more shots of the updated space!

A couple of extra touches that make me smile.

I'm in love with our new glassware from Anthropologie! 



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    1. Thanks, Tieka! I'm so tickeled that you read my blog because I LOVE yours and have been following for about a year! :)