Friday, February 22, 2013

Must Have Photos

Ok guys, this post is doing double duty for me! #1 it's something that I love talking about and have been wanting to blog about for a while and #2 I've sent the link to my amazing photographer (Hi Jeffrey!) to give him an idea of my must have photos (or must have "feel") for our wedding.

The person that shapes your memories of your wedding is your photographer. Couples say that the wedding day goes by in a flash but that they get to relive it over and over through their photos. That's why it's important to hire a photographer that has a style and vision that aligns with yours! While I put the trust and creative direction completely into my photographers hands for the non posed moments of the day, there are some poses that I just can't get out of my mind and really want for my wedding! 

First up is The Bride:

1, 2, 3

I absolutely adore the picture of the 3 generations of wedding rings. This is my number one must have photo!  As far as other bridal portraits, I love the editorial getting ready shots.

The Girls:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Must have shot #2 is a picture of all of the bridesmaid dresses and the bridal gown lined up. I just think it looks great! And after the amount of work I put into finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses, I will definitely enjoy looking at that picture of them in the years to come! In the shot of the girls with their arms around each other I really think you can feel the love! I love the casualness right before everyone gets fancy! How fun is the getting ready in the mirror photo? I have a huge floor length mirror in my getting ready room (lady lounge) so this would be so fun to pose in! Lastly, I love the editorial shot at the bottom right of the girls waiting around for something to happen! I think that smartly cropped photos can really work to tell a story better than  if you see the full picture. 

The Couple:

1, 2, 3, 4

For those of you who know me, you know I'm a bit sassy! I love seeing the sassiness show through in the first couple's photo! Plus it never hurts to show a little leg! And I'm back with more closely cropped photos. Must have photo #3 is the pinky promise with the wedding rings! The bottom right photo is done by my fabulous photographer (actually all but the pinky promise picture are by JLB) and he does this cool processing effect where the couple sort of fades into each other. Love it!

The Boys:

1, 2, 3

Mostly I just like guys being casual and guys having a little fun! The last shot is hilarious because it is so J. The man loves wrestling (much as I hate to admit that!)

Group Shots: Ok, there are lot of pictures coming up. The main thing I like in group photos is like with the guys, casual and fun! I really like photos that have the bridal party on different levels (like the first two shots) because I feel like it gives the picture more dimension. 

1, 2

1, 2

Must have photo #4 is the one above. I just love, love it! Super fun and cute!

Must have photo #5 above. I've seen this a lot and I love it every time. This particular bunch of friends is hilarious!

Show off those assets! 

Dramatic Shots:

JLB is a master at the dramatic shot. I'm always stunned at what he comes up with! And his sparkler photos are always done so well! They're my favorites of all the sparkler shots I've seen! Though I have no idea how the couples don't crack a smile while he's running around them with a sparkler! 

And a few romantic shots should be thrown in for good measure! 

:Putting together all of my must have shots makes me get so excited for the wedding! I think I might be just as excited to get the pictures as I am for the actual day! 


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  1. Absolutely loving all of these photo choices! That last one is just stunning!!!!!
    xo TJ